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All fund raising activities and donations are compliant and adhere to the governance of the Charities Act 1992 - Section 58 and the Charitable Institution (fund raising) regulations 1994.

What we believe

We believe we have found a unique way of bringing business and charity together in an environment that is mutually beneficial.  The business saves money on their monthly bills and the charity receives much needed funding on a regular basis – a win win situation.

Having initiated this scheme six years ago, we have seen and experienced its benefits, the rewards of which are too numerous to mention.  Just a little bit of your time is all it will cost for you to become part of this fantastic scheme – time, we assure you, will be well spent.

Business For Community Needs - Affinity Scheme

Cause related marketing (CRM) is a common part of our everyday life, designed and developed to both generate ‘funding’ for IT equipment and books or other items for educational needs and to increase business revenue for the retailer. The obvious problem with this is the fact that the benefits aren’t actually seen or we don’t actually hear of the benefits that the collections have earned.  The facts of the matter are that in some major “retailers” CRM schemes it can take over £250,000 of spend to raise enough funds to buy a single computer. Realistically a way needed to be sought to create funds at a much more achievable level and also to attain a more direct route to beneficiary. As a development of Communications Solutions Ltd a leading supplier of telecoms, IT and energy brokerage – Business for Community Needs (BFCN) was born in 2003 to negate this issue. Funds are generated from the sale of services or products and a fixed payment is made from ‘our profits’. For the avoidance of doubt service agreements including prices are set in place before we enter into discussions of who may benefit from any donations that are taken from our net profit.

Our services 

  • B.T. Wholesale Calls & Services
  • Computer Equipment & Peripherals 
  • I.T. Networks Installation & Maintenance 
  • Telecoms Maintenance & ad-hoc changes
  • Telephone System Installations
  • VOIP 
  • All Broadband facilities for home and business use
  • Consultancy and planning
  • Electricity and Gas

Our Obligation

We will make donations* to the nominated organisation for every service to which you take.

Benefits of the Affinity Scheme

Your nominated organisation benefits by receiving regular donations - at no cost to your business. You save on your I.T. and Telecoms and Energy bills. We use only 1st class providers. Each month you receive full invoices for the services you are provided with. Our independence ensures you will always receive the most competitive prices, and high standards of service. You can include your domestic services through this scheme (excluding energy provision). *Donations- mean one off, monthly, quarterly or yearly donations in one of the following ways - monetary payments, equipment, support service or other needs as clearly specified and pre-arranged.

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