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All fund raising activities and donations are compliant and adhere to the governance of the Charities Act 1992 - Section 58 and the Charitable Institution (fund raising) regulations 1994.

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Get Involved

As a charity or organisation requiring funding, you will already be painfully aware of how difficult it can be to raise much needed funding.  That is what we are here for – to smooth out the process of joining companies and beneficiaries together for mutual promotion and vital fund raising.

The Beneficiary

There are two ways to get involved in the scheme as a beneficiary – indirectly and directly.
· Indirect route – We will produce relevant marketing information and promote the charity alongside our current beneficiaries, through our experience this would create a nominal residual amount per month.
· Direct route – this can mean anything from providing a fund raising link on your website to ours, or visa versa, to sending out fliers and marketing information that we can prepare (after being proof read by you), referring businesses to us who wish to make savings and use our products and services or a person or organisation assigning you as their beneficiary.
We are aware through our own experience that residual income is generated much more quickly, but at lower amounts using the indirect route method, however most beneficiaries take advantage of utilising both methods.

What we believe

We believe we have found a unique way of bringing business and charity together in an environment that is mutually beneficial.  The business saves money on their monthly bills and the charity receives much needed funding on a regular basis, a win-win situation.
We have realised as we developed the scheme that the promotion and free marketing to companies is beneficial to the degree of new business and business partnerships. To quote one company that is part of the scheme “We now have routes to market and new business that we would not have dreamt of obtaining, this is due to the networking and publicity that BFCN provides”.

How It Works

A customer spends £100.00 on calls and lines from us. We will achieve around 20% net profit from this generating a profit share of 10% each or £10.00 in this case, ‘we have experienced that this high return ratio’ generates a massively improved and achievable income that can achieve goals sooner rather than later. Remember for many of our services these contributions can be made monthly!
The simple facts are that if £3500.00 is spent using our services then this generates £350.00 for the purchase of a computer, much more realistic figures I’m sure it can be agreed!      
We have set a stance whereby we pay a 10p donation for every qualifying pound spent to a nominated beneficiary. We believe that by sharing the net profit on our services it shows our commitment to help local community charities as well as national beneficiaries. This is easily attained and in turn the increased revenue and turnover allows us to broker improved purchased prices and also retain customers reducing ‘churn’.
We have developed the cause related affinity scheme to benefit all participants.
  1. The beneficiary receives a steady income stream that can be used for whatever purpose – this income stream can be financial, it can be given in support services or products may be purchased and donated as such.
  2. The company receives a certificate to show participation in the scheme, invitations to social and commercial activities, free publicity and links to generate business via the BFCN website. Believe it or not having experienced first hand the affects that this scheme has in supporting projects is invaluable – the positive aspects too numerous to mention can be immense.
It doesn’t cost the company or beneficiary anything apart from a little of their time! The beneficiary can push the scheme as much or as little as required – but we are confident that as other beneficiaries have experienced as soon as the benefits are realised – self or internal organic growth will commence.