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All fund raising activities and donations are compliant and adhere to the governance of the Charities Act 1992 - Section 58 and the Charitable Institution (fund raising) regulations 1994.

Business For Community Needs,
Unit 7,
Lon Parcwr Industrial Estate,
LL15 1NJ

Telephone: 0845 2700673 

FAX:              0845 2700674

Energy Supplies

Our associate company, The Energy Company was established as a utilities service provider long before the deregulation of the gas and electricity markets.
Our emphasis is the minimising of utility costs, combined with identifying the most efficient providers..  With our experience and expertise we are committed to providing our customers with the quality of service they expect.
Beware of agents/brokers who offer a ‘write it and run’ service. Often they will work for just one or two suppliers, massively limiting your choice.  As far as they are concerned, once you have signed, that is the end of the matter.  As soon as there is a problem, they will refer you back to the supplier.
We are different.  We offer a full, free of charge management service for all our clients. Once you become a customer, we will deal with any issues that might occur. We can deal with virtually any situation that might come up, with the minimum of fuss, freeing you to do what you do best – running your business.
Our experience in the industry has shown us that many suppliers make mistakes with their billing.  We can recognise the mistakes and resolve the issues. We have an enviable
record of success, having recouped many thousands of pounds in refunds and account reduction for our clients. We also offer a utility management programme for companies with multiple sites.
All our clients enjoy the following benefits and assistance…
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Access to the rates of virtually every gas and electricity supplier in the UK.
  • Meter validation / meter reading
  • Tariff analysis / Utility budgeting
  • Climate Change Levy and / or VAT advice.
  • Account and dispute reconciliation
  • Smart meter, Green energy and general energy advice.
It is, no doubt, helpful if there is a Company out there who you can trust to deal with various aspects of your business. Our associate company, The Energy Company is that Company.  Our involvement can be as little or as much as your might require.  Not only are we independent Electricity and Gas brokers, we can also help with LPG Gas and Water billing issues.

Three Ways to Help

Outside of staff costs, Energy, Telecommunications and IT are the big three bills for any business or charity.
By  working with us, we can provide the best services at the best prices and still provide for your chosen charity from our profits and time.
We take the hard work out of the change of supplier by being the driving force and project managers. When payments are received for services, donations are passed to the organisations.
On this page you will find more information about these revenue generating streams for your favourite charity or organisation.


Services & Solutions

Landline Calls

Communications Solutions Ltd works with an independent resellers allied with the very best of the established national alternative call carriers. There is no cost to join our service and no ongoing 'Discount Package' charges to pay on business tariffs. All calls are charged per second - you simply pay for what you use - no more - no less!
There is no need to change your telephone number and in most cases there will be no need to visit your premises as calls can be re-routed at the local BT exchange .There is no charge to re-program your telephone system if it is necessary.

Line Rental

We provide a full line rental service offering you discounted line rental and services against your current rates. Your lines stay on the BT Network for resilience, whilst we manage your account. Dealing with your current line provider can be difficult at the best of times. We will provide that one point of contact and explain clearly and concisely your current usage and the options available to you in conjunction with our 24 hour fault reporting and repair facility for your added peace of mind.
Savings on Telephone Systems

The telephone system lies at the heart of any organisation's operations and the efficiency or otherwise of the system will impact dramatically on corporate performance. Telephone system technology has developed dramatically over the last few years. We specialise in assisting our clients to upgrade their technology in the most suitable and cost effective manner. We are often able to utilise existing architecture as a basis for development and therefore significantly reduce the cost of acquiring the latest technology. 
We are able to offer brand new systems, second user systems and even offer a buy back scheme if you wish to develop your recently installed infrastructure.
Telephone systems can be installed onto “basic” analogue lines or ISDN lines offering digital telephony benefits.
Telephone systems are priced from £250 fully fitted

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

VOIP - or sending calls over your Internet connection, along with your data, has arrived!
This has benefits for all, we can advise you of its worth to you and provide everything to bring the service to you.Industry direction dictates that with its cost saving benefits, VOIP is the way forward, we can make it work for you.

IT Networks are an essential factor enabling all computers and ancillary equipment such as printers, faxes etc to work together in the fastest, secure and most cost effective manner.

Wireless and CAT 5/6 Cabled Networks let you have the best of both worlds allowing maximum functionality, flexibility and user control, in a complete cost effective package.

Your IT and telephony needs can be "converged" on to the same network, allowing almost complete onsite management by your user trained staff. This integrated solution is far more cost effective than a separate communications and IT Network.


Maintenance and ongoing support

We work with our clients to ensure effective and cost effective maintenance on all their hardware and software and benefit from having an overview of all the clients communication provision. We act as a single point of contact and it is our job to keep our clients communication systems functional, whether there are problems with hardware, software, networks, ISP's or carriers. We liase with maintenance providers and project manage situations where more than one provider is involved in solving a problem.

Internet, e-mail Services & Broadband

We advise on the most appropriate method of internet access for the needs of each individual client with a view to operational needs and cost efficiency. Our options range from a Standard Home Use Pay as You Go package to fully bonded DSL packages for business use. Our broadband packages start from £8.95 per month where available. We can provide fixed rate broadband (for difficult to reach destinations) and DSL at up to 24 Meg download and up to 2 Meg Upload.

Information Technology

Computers are part of office life, like them or not, most businesses depend on the flow of data through their company and to the organisations they deal with.

For business

We can provide ad-hock support and for those most dependant on their IT we can provide Managed Services.
Managed Services allows our IT Support team to monitor computers and servers so that potential problems can be located quickly , (often before the user knows there is a problem). Issues can be dealt with remotely or by site visit.
Either way, the issues are dealt with quickly, efficiently and on a higher priority than other clients.
A percentage of the Managed Services contract fee is donated to the charity or organisation of your choice.
We also offer other types of service such as Secure offsite backup, a business may purchase offsite backup from us (usually an annual fee) and we will donate time to supporting your chosen charity sponsored by your business.

For Charities

We can offer any charitable organisation the following services at very special rates:-
  • I.T. Support
  • Website development
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Advice and support
  • And much more.....
Your business sponsors can generate blocks of time that can be offset against IT support time that your organisation needs for:-
  • IT Analysis and Development Planning
  • Staff Training
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Acceptable Computer Usage policies
  • Data Protection Compliance documents
  • And much more.....


Everyone benefits, your business gets the very best support at the best price. Your favourite local charity or organisation gets much needed funding.
We are in this for the long hall and want to provide both sides with excellent service and the benefits that Business for Community Needs will bring to everyone.
Call us today.